Shanghai Recon Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.Integrated provider for harmonic control

Focus on the production of reactive power compensation series of high and low voltage capacitor, series reactor, filter reactor, inverter input reactor, output reactor, smoothing reactor and the State Grid for the hollow shunt reactor, current limiting reactor and other products.

Shanghai Recon Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Refined and refined


The perfect quality is derived from European technology, carrying forward the Swiss craftsman spirit, focusing on every detail of the product, carefully crafted, strives for perfection, and has no best, only better. Recon technology creates every quality product. Choose Recon, choose to rest assured.

Keeping up with the technological frontierTechnology

Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength
Customized research and development, dedicated to every customer.

Shanghai Recon, quality assurance

Reactor professional manufacturer

Shanghai Recon, as far as science and technology can, focus and power quality.

  • WholeheartedlyHard service every customer
  • RigorousDesign every product by heart
  • ExpectGet every customer's satisfaction
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